The BVI White Cedar Fund feeds into the Caribbean Tourism Recovery Fund which enlists tourism industry stakeholders and friends of the region to pool resources in support of the vulnerable and devastated areas of the Caribbean, acting in solidarity and as One Caribbean Family. The fund focuses on the revival of islands directly affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, complementing relief and empowering the tourism sector to combine and leverage its resources to help the region bounce back, ideally fitter and better than before.

The idea behind this initiative is to request ongoing monthly donations from individuals, companies and philanthropic organisations. We welcome one-off donations but feel that a steady stream of donations across a number of years will make a much bigger difference. The UK Government is delivering the immediate short-term aid but, importantly, we need to secure longer term funding so that the communities can continue to receive aid long after the hurricanes are removed from the global news platforms and the suffering in the BVI is forgotten.

We have partnered with Tourism Cares to channel donations to the BVI in the most effective, productive and waste-free manner.


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Please support and share this initiative. If we all collaborate we can bring the BVI back as a better and more beautiful tourist destination for everyone.

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